Put that away: The MariaDB Storage Engine S3
Matthias Jung
Many customers operate databases that are constantly growing. This was also the case in this specific instance. Our client operates a very large MariaDB server with several hundred terabytes of data. A large part of the data must remain stored and accessible for regulatory reasons. Changes to this data are no longer made, but must be kept readable....
"Deflate!": Detecting Buffer Pool Fragmentation in SQL Server
Andreas Jordan
Data Management
In database systems, the size of the main memory has a significant impact on performance. The goal is to keep as much relevant data as possible in the memory. Due to the structure of the memory, it can happen that part of the memory contains "air" in a figurative sense that could be used much more sensibly. Fortunately, Microsoft SQL Server provide...
Streamlining Login with Hashicorp Vault´s Single-Sign-On Solution
Philipp Srock
Cloud Services
In IT, regulations and laws dictate the way Cybersecurity is supposed to be handled. To meet requirements in a rather comfortable way, Single-Sign-On (SSO) turns out to be the go-to solution. We have taken a closer look at a major player in the field: Hashicorp Vault  Unlock the Power of Single-Sign-On: Say Goodbye to Multiple Passwords With t...
Installation and use of dbatools on a computer without internet connection
Andreas Jordan
A customer of ours manages all SQL Servers from a central management server and would like to use the PowerShell module dbatools for this purpose in the future. So far, so good. The only problem is that there is no internet connection on this management server. The only possibility is to start a browser on another computer and use it to load files ...